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Starting OK State DE Jamie Blatnick Cited For Felony Assault

Say this for Oklahoma State: Despite the motormouthed presences of both T. Boone Pickens and Mike Gundy, it's a program that manages not to make too many ill-thought, public missteps (this year). Jamie Blatnick, junior 'Pokes DE, projected starter for 2010, and well-accounted smart kid, is putting paid to that notion:

According to a news release issued by the Stillwater Police Department, witnesses told officers that Blatnick fought with former Cowboy Stephen Denning inside J.R. Murphy's, a club located at 306 S Washington, starting the scuffle by striking Denning in the face with a beer bottle.

Just like a real cowboy! Felony aggravated assault and battery is the charge, and Denning, by the way, comes off little better (apart from that sweet mugshot):

Officers were notified of the fight and called to the club at 1:17 a.m. Saturday morning. According to the release, officers escorted Blatnick and Denning outside. As officers were interviewing Denning, he saw Blatnick and forced his way through several officers in an attempt to continue the fight. As a result, officers us a Taser to subdue Denning.

Blatnick started five games last season and is majoring in "health promotion." (Stop laughing. Stop it.)

HT: EDSBS, which awards OK State four well-earned Fulmer Cup points.