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Texas, Notre Dame Mulling Four-Game Series

Amid the feeding frenzy of the Big 12 expansion/contraction, the circulating joke was that Texas and Notre Dame should just form their own independent conference complete with nation-saturating media presence. The way the Big 12's operating right now, that imaginary empire may very well be a reality by the time the 'Horns and Irish take the theoretical field in five years:

Notre Dame and the Big 12 powerhouse Longhorns are "very close" to finalizing a four-game series for future games, sources told the Tribune.

The series could begin in 2015, sources said. The rest of the details are unknown, such as if it would be simply a pair of home-and-homes or involve games at off-campus venues.

Oklahoma talking points: "HURR Y'ALL TRYNNA COPY US HURRR." Texas talking points: "SCOREBOARD MOTHERHUMPERS SCOREBOARD." To your corners .... go!  [fetches popcorn]