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Alex Rodriguez Goes 0-3, Remains Where He's Been For Two Weeks

Ricky Romero is a very good pitcher, see, and over a complete game win, he limited the Yankees to two hits and a walk. One of those hits was a home run, but the author of said home run was not Alex Rodriguez, but rather Mark Teixeira. A-Rod's day:



-fly out

Tomorrow brings Shaun Marcum, against whom A-Rod is 4-17 in his career with a home run, six walks, and four strikeouts. Marcum's another one of Toronto's excellent starting pitchers, but the righty has never shown much of a platoon split, which works a little bit in Alex's favor. And all of our favors, really, as I think everyone just wants A-Rod to get it out of the way.

A-Rod's longest home run drought in his career is 17 games, set during his 1994 cup of coffee. Last season, however, he went 16 games without a homer between July 20th and August 6th. So, again, I stress that this is not yet the time for panic. Alex seems to have a streak or two like this just about every year. We'll worry if and when he reaches the higher teens.