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Bob Bradley to Aston Villa? Not gonna happen

If there were any wheels to this Bradley to Villa Park thingy, well, the suits in England shot ‘em off. And good.

Club officials, communicating through the official website, pretty much said “Bob Bradley need not apply.” In speaking publicly for the first time, they listed some of the requirements. Dig, if you will, this picture of a job that is not for someone without a Premiership background.

Two of the traits we believe are of crucial importance are that candidates have experience of managing in the Premier League and a strategy for building on the existing strengths in our current squad.

You can read the rest of it here. Or you can just take my word for it.

I said it here last week that this wouldn’t happen. It’s another great reminder that just because some media site “links” someone with a job, that does not put someone on the fast track to employment there.