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Marvin Austin Defends Self On Facebook, Which Should Fix Everything

His potential as a high NFL draft pick entirely aside, Marvin Austin really does need an agent. Or a nanny, or a celebrity handler, or anybody who can keep him from making boneheaded decisions, which he is apparently not real good at doing on his own.

Notorious this summer for his big mouth, which brought his South Beach partying and potential NCAA regulation-violating ways to light via Twitter, Austin was already under the magnifying glass as patient zero in the pan-Carolinian agent investigation. Then he deleted his Twitter account, which clearly made everything all better, except that he then got caught up in an entirely new net after being named in UNC's ongoing academics investigation. Sunday night, Austin once again took to the internet to crow his case:

I came back to school to have my character questioned..[expletive]..i thought education was key.. I dont really understand...i though it was the right thing to do..maybe i was mistaken," the message said. "...i like to say thanx to all those who stand by me i really appriecate [sic] it. oh yea and to those who wanna see me fall i wont cause i dont great athletes stay on their feet!!!!!

That lovely missive was posted on Austin's Facebook wall. And since it teaches us nothing new, or at least doesn't seem to further violate regulations, we've got the free time to wonder what he's doing on Facebook in the first place?

Austin has not been made available to the media since the launch of the investigation. A UNC spokesman said Sunday night that Austin is "off limits" to the media but added that Austin was not asked to remove his Twitter account or refrain from posting on Facebook.

Well, of course not. Why would he be?