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Kurt Warner And The Situation, Together At Last

What will happen more this season on Dancing With The Stars...The Situation revealing his abs just before a commercial break or Kurt Warner thanking God for his toe-tapping ability?  It's a toughie.

Both gentlemen are a part of the DWTS cast this season. Also joining them is former Laker Rick Fox, who was available. 

(Do you think Kurt Warner even knew who The Situation was before he met him in the green room tonight?  MTV must be blocked in the Warner household, right?  There's just no way he's ever seen Jersey Shore.  Or even been to it.)

Warner was apparently a huge get for ABC and was their No. 1 draft pick overall:

Senior producer and head of casting Deena Katz told the Los Angeles Times that Warner was the first person signed for the season. "He was playing until recently, so he couldn’t be on it," Katz is quoted as saying. "Kurt is someone I’ve been dying to have. I’ve been wanting a quarterback from the beginning. But he retired and I said, 'I’m gonna shoot for the moon and get the MVP Super Bowl champion.'"

And so, Kurt's magical journey continues.  As for his former team, the Cardinals, they're so desperate to find an adequate replacement that they've turned to human beings that don't even actually exist to find one.