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NFL Roster Cuts: Bucs Release RB Derrick Ward One Year After $17 Million Contract

The Buccaneers released three players on Tuesday to get down to the NFL's mandated roster limit of 75 players.

Moving on are RB Derrick Ward, WR Terrence Nunn and LB Jon Alston, according to Pewter Report.

Ward was signed last offseason to a four-year, $17 million deal. The move, according to Pewter Report, will save the Bucs about $3 million base salary.

Just hours before he was released, Ward spoke to the media about rumors surrounding his release.

“No, it does not bother me at all,” Ward said of rumors about his release. “If I worried about what you guys said in the media I wouldn’t be having a job. I’m just coming out here to play ball and the coach is going to do what is best for the team, which is keep the top-53.”

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