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After Retirement Report, Brett Favre Practices On Hattiesburg High School Field

Amid conflicting reports over whether Brett Favre has told teammates that he will retire (in 2010), Favre has apparently returned to the high school field near his Hattiesburg, Mississippi home to work out, according to NFL Network's Scott Hanson.

Of course, Favre had started practicing on the Hattiesburg field back at the beginning of July, when it was widely assumed he would return to the Vikings after coming so close to making the Super Bowl last season. So what does it mean now? Is he rehabbing his injured ankle, in anticipation of returning to Minnesota? Or does he just LOVE FOOTBALL and comfortably slinging it around with his buddies? Who knows.

Or maybe, money talks, and the Vikings' latest offer to up his contract has convinced him to come back. Stay tuned.