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Roy Hodgson Would Not Be Able To Turn Down Huge Fernando Torres Offer

Though Fernando Torres has affirmed his loyalty to Liverpool, manager Roy Hodgson still has to deal with the realities of a club with limited resources awash with debt.  Thus, although it is ill-timed (considereing Anfield's collective exhale at Torres's Tuesday assurances), it should come as no surprise that the Liverpool manager remains willing to take advantage of some of the world's overspending.

Should a club to Hodgson with a Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaká-esque offer, Hodgson would not be able to reject the bid, according to comments made Wednesday:

"The important thing for Fernando and for us is that we have a good season - he as a player, us as a club and me as a manager," said the 62-year-old.

"Who knows what next season will bring? We could have a fantastic season and the players will not want to go anywhere or we could have a worse one and there will be more speculation.

"It could be he does so fantastically well and an offer comes in like the offer came in for Kaka or Cristiano Ronaldo (£56m and £80m respectively - both from Real Madrid) which is impossible to turn down.

"But we will take that problem when and if it arises but the important thing is it hasn't arisen this summer because he is going to be playing for us.

"He is committed to playing for us and he is going to honour his contract and it is good for me he has made it clear he likes the club and the fans.

"It is nice now the speculation can finally end once and for all after Fernando made it clear how absolutely committed he is."

While such is the economic reality of modern Liverpool football, there is a cringe-worthy element to Hodgson's comments coming one day after Torres gave suffering supporters reason for hope. But this is Roy Hodgson we're talking about, a coach whose straight-forward, un-exaggerated dialog is as refreshing as his results. The man's hearts-and-minds strategy is trust, not propaganda.

"I hate bland statements saying 'Don't worry, everything will be rosy' when you know the world of football and what we are up against," he added.

"I know the battles that have to be fought sometimes to get things right and I was anxious not to make any false promises.

"But it is a much nicer feeling today with all these players still with us with the possibility to bring in one or two new faces."

While the respectful manner in which Hodgson treats players, press, and issues such as these may have been significant in Torres's renewed affinity for Liverpool, the approach is also what will keep Torres's future on the minds of Reds supporters.