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NFL Training Camp News: Albert Haynesworth Will Miss 7th Consecutive Day

Albert Haynesworth failed the Redskins conditioning test last week on the first two days of training camp and hasn't taken it since because of a knee injury.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post writes that he will not test it on Wednesday and it might be a few more days until he does.

The Redskins medical and training staff has advised Haynesworth to continue to receive treatment on the knee in hopes of recovering well. The Pro Bowlers' knee became irritated, in part, because of his effort during multiple attempts at the test - two, timed 300-yard shuttle runs - early in training camp. And with the rain Wednesday, the Redskins do not want to risk Haynesworth, whom they have already paid $32 million, potentially further aggravating his knee while running on wet fields.

If he skips both practices today, it will be seven straight days and 12 practices that he's missed.

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