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Rangers Auction "Unfair" And A "Mess" According To Ryan's Lawyer

As the auction for the Texas Rangers goes into the night, Nolan Ryan’s Group isn’t pleased with the way the process has gone down.

Thomas Lauria, a lawyer for a company led by Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan and attorney Chuck Greenberg, said the auction was “unfair” and asked that Judge D. Michael Lynn, who is overseeing the Rangers’ bankruptcy, rule on their complaints before bidding continued.

“The process is a mess right now,” Lauria said in court.

That still hasn’t prevented the judge from allowing bids to continue. Mark Cuban’s group has gotten theirs up to $355 million, way up from his initial $335 million bid.

Right now it’s a matter of Ryan’s group protesting the validity of Cuban’s bid, as they don’t seem willing to go higher. The process continues on.