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Tampa Bay Rays Embrace Covert Recycling

You've got the spirit...the spirit of Tampa Baaaaay...

Vintage news promos never, ever disappoint, and neither does the Tampa Bay area. I had the privilege of living in the Tampa Bay area for two years, and let me tell you a few things about Tampanians. Tampards. Tamp--Tampans? Yes, Tampans.

They're hardworking, like the woman who sold hot dogs on US 19 wearing nothing but a T-back. They're friendly like the man who offered to sell me shrimp and possibly stolen electrical goods from a truck daily. They're thrifty, as evidenced by the time a deranged resident flipped a beer truck over in Pinellas Park, and the police arrived to see the residents happily recycling the spilled beer themselves. 

Therefore I'm not surprised to find out the concessionaires at Tropicana Field have been recycling dirty beer mugs from the garbage and reusing them. 

W: One of the workers came back with some used cups and began washing them. When I asked her what she was doing, she stated that the "supervisor" told her to rinse off the cups and put them with the unused ones, because our "spoils" were too high in this concession stand.


RI: Just to be clear, were these cups that had already been used by previous customers?

CW: YES! This is what was so appauling! (sic) We each had like a box underneath our registers for trash and such. These were cups people had left behind for us to throw away.

The Rays are refusing to comment, and missing the opportunity to point out that they're simply being "green" by reusing the cups. Hopefully they were washed well, or Rays fans may catch the "Spirit of Tampa Bay" quite literally. (Spirit of Tampa Bay in this case = Hepatitis A.)