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Redskins Training Camp: Albert Haynesworth Getting MRI On Knee

Albert Haynesworth hasn't participated in training camp practice since the Redskins began last week. He failed the conditioning test the first two days and since then has had some sort of knee issue that's prevented him from practicing

Coach Mike Shanahan told the media on Thursday that they would be investigating the knee issue a little closer.

"We're giving him an MRI today because his knee has been a little bit sore, more sore than it has been in the past," Shanahan said. "In the past, every third or fourth day it'd be a little sore, according to the trainers. But now it's been a couple days consistently sore...We're going to MRI it, see if he's okay and then we'll go through the rehab work to get it stronger."

While a MRI would indicate that they're somewhat concerned about the knee, Shanahan also said he was making progress.

"We'll just wait and see," Shanahan said. "That's why he gets treatment. He was out there doing individual work today and was a lot further ahead today than I thought he would be. So today it surprised me how well he did during the drill work so we'll just wait and see."

Shanahan also said that, generally, players need to practice in order to play well.

Thursday morning was the 13th consecutive practice he's missed.

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