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Kyle Busch Says Joe Gibbs Racing Has 'Lost Our Momentum'

Kyle Busch had some interesting comments when he was asked whether there's been a "power shift" among NASCAR teams of late. The question was a reference to Joe Gibbs Racing being the hot team earlier in this season but now seemingly a step behind some others.

Though JGR once seemed to be unstoppable, with its drivers winning six out of 10 races in the spring, the team now hasn't won since mid-June.

"Yup, there has (been a shift)," Busch said Friday. "We're well aware of it. We're asking the same questions you are, where to go. We don't know."

Busch said teammate Denny Hamlin said in a JGR meeting earlier this week that the tracks where the No. 11 car had excelled (and won) were tracks Hamlin "really likes and runs well at."

"Then we lost our momentum at Sonoma and just haven't really picked back up," Busch said. "We just haven't quite been able to hit it here lately."

The hope, Busch said, is that going to Michigan next week (where Hamlin ran well earlier in the season) could restore some momentum to the No. 11 team – and thus the entire organization.

But for now, Busch said, no one is quite sure what's been missing in the last month or so.