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NASCAR Twitter Call

 This weekend  the second of two road course races takes place at Watkins Glen. Along with the usual cast of characters, this race will also see some road course "ringers"  in the field.  Qualifying will take place Saturday morning.

scottspeed   I'm going to bed, it's 10.. I don't know what's wrong with me!!!

maxpapis  I drove my off on last lap and was decent still need to find speed gr8 job from my guys changing trasmission in 35 min or so

colinbraun  Con-way Freight car is pretty good... Guys did a great job! Think it will race well. Didn't do a qualifying run so I expect to be fast in am

DGilliland2010  Well... practice just got over and we are right on the edge. The car was loose into turn 9 and we have had a hard time there.

jpmontoya  had a good practice, but i think we still need a little bit of speed.

TravisKvapil  We made some gains on the cars handling today. Still got a ways to go. Tomorrow we qualify at 11am.

AJDinger  Happy to be staying at RPM and building a future with them. Insignia Best Buy Ford was pretty good today. Getting some rest, ready 4 quali.

Good Luck to all the drivers and enjoy the race.

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