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Russ Grimm: Meet Your Pro Football Hall Of Fame Inductee

As offensive lines go, few are as iconic as the Washington Redskins' "Hogs" of the '80s and early '90s. And few offensive linemen are as emblematic of their lines as Hall of Fame inductee Russ Grimm was of his Hawgs.

Grimm was a product of the loaded Pitt Panthers of the Johnny Majors era, playing alongside the likes of Heisman finalist Hugh Green, Outland winner (and ESPN personality) Mark May, and Pro Football Hall of Famers Dan Marino, Tony Dorsett, and fellow 2010 inductee Rickey Jackson. Grimm would be the last selected in the draft among those players, though, going in the third round to the Washington Redskins in the spring of 1981.

Grimm quickly worked his way into a starting role with the Redskins, starting 13 games during his rookie season of 1981. He wouldn't relinquish his spot in the line until 1991, and by the end of that season, the Redskins had won their third Super Bowl in the last decade. At that point, though, the decade of wear and tear had taken its toll, and Grimm retired shortly thereafter.

The 10 years Grimm spent starting, however, were a running game junkie's dream come true. With fellow Hogs Joe Jacoby, Jeff Bostic, George Starke, and Mark May, Grimm helped blast holes open for bruising rushers like John Riggins and George Rogers. The Hogs' nasty play in the trenches earned legions of lifelong fans, and to this day, Redskins games are still populated by grown men in old lady clothes and pig snouts, calling themselves the Hogettes.

Grimm has been coaching in the NFL since retirement, mentoring offensive linemen in Washington, Pittsburgh, and currently Arizona. Despite being rumored for top jobs in Chicago and Pittsburgh, Grimm is still waiting for his first head coaching gig.

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