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Dick LeBeau's Speech At The Pro Football Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Here are notes from Dick LeBeau's induction speech on Saturday evening.

- He said that on the night he was voted in, he didn't want to answer the phone because he was afraid of missing a call from the Hall of Fame. "I can't talk," he said. "I'm waiting for the Hall of Fame to call." Dick LeBeau does not have call waiting!

- He mentioned his visit to the White House. Obama held up a 44 Steelers jersey, since he was the 44th President and the Steelers won the 44th Super Bowl. He used this to segue into, uh, this:

"I'm going to do something a little sneaky here. You got 4 and 4. Add them and you got 8. Subtract 2 and you got 6. That's how many Super Bowls the Steelers have won."

Fun with numbers!

- Cackling aside, it was nice to see key Steelers there, such as Mike Tomlin, Troy Polamalu, and Hines Ward. It was also fitting that, despite his induction as a player, he spent more time talking about his 38-year coaching career. This man deserves to be a Hall of Famer.