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7500 To Holte: James Milner Saga Should End, But Stephen Ireland's Shrug-worthy

For the second time in three years, Aston Villa fans have been put through a summer-long saga surrounding the transfer of one of its midfielders.  While James Milner looks destined to join Gareth Barry at Eastlands, Kirsten Schlewitz at SB Nation's Aston Villa blog (7500 to Holte) has mixed emotions.  While the drama surrounding Milner needs to end, Stephen Ireland fails to inspire:

Anyone else feel like throwing up a white flag and screaming END! END! ?

As of right now, nearly 3pm PT, 11PM GMT, the offer appears to be a £27.5M package for Milner. That package apparently includes Stephen Ireland.

While it seems evident that most Villa fans are excited about the idea about Ireland coming to Villa Park, for the most part, I just shrug.

For more on Aston Villa and the James Milner story, you can visit 7500 to Holte or read James Milner And The Never Ending Transfer Saga.