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John Randle Owes Entire Career To Scratch Off Tickets


The likely excruciating late summer comedy flick Lottery Ticket lately has made the thought of playing the lottery seem even more depressing than it already is, but at least the people behind the Minnesota State Lottery know of a delightfully gonzo way to promote their games.

In a series of ads that has recently cropped up on local TV there, Vikings fans experiencing some sort of vehicular distress whip out a Viking scratch game ticket, only to morph into recently inducted Hall of Fame defensive tackle John  Randle. From there, a fanny pack and Zubaz pants clad Randle employs some sort of superhuman ability to get them to the game.

What that has to do with playing the lottery is anyone's guess. But, hey, random sequences of vaguely football-related madcap hilarity! That might be enough to dupe a few saps into buying some tickets. Failing that, it's amusing television, which resides after the jump.

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