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Cincy Jungle: After One Week, Bengals Have Long Way To Go

One week. That’s the amount of time the Cincinnati Bengals had on the practice field together before Sunday night’s 16-7 loss to the Cowboys. Knowing this, Cincy Jungle wonders just how much Bengal fans can read into the issues they saw during the exhibition opener.

If you were to write one sentence on what you thought about tonight, what would it be? Would you make the point that the Bengals had practiced only a week during training camp before kicking off the preseason? Would you make a point that the first preseason game is perhaps the second most meaningless (behind the final game) to judge a team with? Would you make the point that the Bengals largely didn’t plan, nor prepare, for the Cowboys strictly using an evaluation process for the individual players?

Or would you find faults with the club? Faults that the Bengals coaching staff will unquestionably address with more than a month to address them.