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Meet Brian Cushing, Latest Victim Of Overtrained Athlete Syndrome

Despite the NFL suspension that will keep Brian Cushing out of the Houston Texans' first four games, the second year linebacker is still at Texans camp, where last week, he explained his suspension to Sports Illustrated:

In an interview here Friday, Cushing said he thinks he knows why he tested positive for elevated levels of hCG. "Everything points to that overtrained athlete syndrome,'' Cushing said.

Err... What overtrained athlete syndrome?

The syndrome results from athletes training intensely for a long period, with the possibility of a testosterone imbalance resulting when an athlete stops training.

"I'm pretty sure it is. I'm pretty positive. I didn't take anything. It's not a tainted supplement. So all roads lead to that.'

So that's a real thing? A real possibility? Yes.

Sort of.

It's also so far-fetched that even Peter King, every player's most cuddly mouthpiece, feels compelled to add: "I must stress ... no player in the history of the NFL substance-abuse program before Cushing tested positive for the higher level of hCG."

So who's telling the truth? Brian Cushing and the Texans, or the skepticism coming from everyone else, including perhaps the least-skeptical reporter in all of sports. Believe whoever you want, but personally, I'll always think of this scene from The Program when I hear about Brian Cushing.

Make sure you tell Lattimer the NCAA will be testing on Saturday.