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Jim Edmonds Will Occupy Part-Time Role With Reds

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Just because Jim Edmonds still has a bunch of ability doesn't necessarily mean the 40 year old is in sufficient shape to play every day, and so Dusty Baker fills us in on how the Reds intend to deploy their new weapon:

On Edmonds playing time: “I don’t know if he has everyday in him. We mix and match everybody here. Who I think that day will be needed: Whether it’s a defensive outfield or offense. Right, left, matchup. One guy hits one guy, another doesn’t. Nothing is 100 percent.

The Reds' outfield right now has the left-handed Edmonds, Laynce Nix, and Jay Bruce, and the right-handed Drew Stubbs, Chris Heisey, and Jonny Gomes. Baker will presumably play the matchups as often as he can, leaving Edmonds as a regular, but not everyday player.