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Alright, Who's Guarding Corey Fisher? Anyone?

With Scottie Reynolds finally gone, Villanova is going to need someone to step in and be the team's next go-to scorer. I'm thinking Jay Wright might want to get the ball in guard Corey Fisher's hands after he reportedly put up 105 points in a summer league game.

Fisher nailed an unbelievable 23 three point shots in the regulation 40 minute game, including an impressive 72 points in the 2nd half. I guess it’s safe to say he was on fire as he reportedly missed on only 5 of his 28 three point attempts. He scored 105 of his squad’s 138 points in the event, further insinuating that nary any defense was on display in the tiny Watson Gleason playground...

There's no video of the performance, casting suspicions on it, but enough folks are reporting on it to make it seem believable.  Fisher scored 13.3 PPG last season.  With Reynolds gone and the ball in his hand, expect that to rise this season for the Wildcats.

I'm not sure it will rise to the order of triple-digits, but, somewhere in between I suppose.  The Nova Blog will be keeping a close eye on Fisher in the meantime.