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Iowa Lineman Meets Truck Head On, Walks Away

Monday morning there was a small news item in most Iowa papers about Hawkeye offensive lineman Josh Koeppel being involved in a scooter accident on campus. Reports agreed he suffered minor injuries, and would likely return to football activities in a week or two. Then, like most small news items, this was tidily forgotten. 

The video surfaced last night, and the reports left something out: Koeppel hit a Ford F-150 that turned in his lane head-on, did a complete flip and spin in the air on impact, launched a shoe a good fifteen feet in the air on impact, and walked away from the accident relatively unscathed despite not wearing a helmet at the time. 

See? Lift weights, get big, and you too can survive head on collisions with F-150s with ease. If Iowa turns this into some kind of motivational video and watches it before every game, they will win the national title by fifty points. (H/T: BHGP.)