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Week 1 Fantasy Football Scouting Reports: Washington Redskins

From Hogs Haven:

If you have any Redskins on your roster you're in for one bumpy ride. I've chatted with several players personally and they said that the fans will be "wow'd" with the game plan Shanahan came up with for Dallas. Does that mean they'll score 5 more points than their bottom feeding average last year? No one knows. If you have better options at all positions, I would start them, but I expect Chris Cooley to have a great game. Donovan McNabb loves TEs and Cooley has that Dallas Clark ability to always get open. Clinton Portis should see a significant amount of carries and now that the Redskins have a revamped 1-cut zone-blocking scheme, Portis is back into the system where he had success in the past.