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UNC's Shaun Draughn Cleared To Return For Home Opener

UNC football is beginning a slow climb out of a very deep hole in its personnel wrought by two separate NCAA investigations. Following the high of the speculated 16-player hole in the late preseason, and the still-grim reality of the 13-player deficit for the season opener, the Tar Heels will regain running back Shaun Draughn for their home opener against Georgia Tech. SB Nation's Carolina March assesses the impact:

This is obviously a boon for the Heels, as backs Anthony Elzy and Johnny White were held to a combined 75 yards against LSU. While Georgia Tech isn't exactly weak against the run, they did give a 55-yard carry against South Carolina State and the Jayhawks' James Sims had a 101-yard game last weekend against the Yellow Jackets.

Marvin Austin, the shiny centerpiece of the first investigation, still isn't practicing with the team, and the status of a large number of players is still very much in limbo.

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