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LSU Offers Scholarship To Ex-Dawg Zach Mettenberger

LSU has officially offered a scholarship to former Georgia quarterback Zach Mettenberger, currently slingin' balls at Butler Community College. Are we sure this just isn't a really late scholarship offer from Miles to a kid he thinks is still a high school senior? We are not, but LSU fans seem happy enough:

As a player, Mettenberger is a big kid (6'5, 224) with decent mobility (very similar to JJ in that regard). He's got a nice, classic delivery, with a good over the top release point and he gets the ball out quickly. His arm strength doesn't wow me, but he places a nice touch on the ball.

Mettenberger, you'll recall, is out of Georgia in the first place thanks to an incident involving "grabbing the breasts and touching the buttocks" of a young lady in a local watering establishment. Buckle up for Baton Rouge, kiddo -- down there, the ladies do the grabbing. And also the men, the children, and most of the animals. (In related news, we wish we had been born an LSU fan.)