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Texas' Blake Gideon Just Wants To Hit People, OK?

Blake Gideon is a Texas safety prized by the Longhorns for his six 2009 interceptions, but whom we're going to remember for giving the best response to being hit with a targeting penalty we could ever hope for:

"I don't even know what targeting is," Gideon said. "I was trying to hit him, so I guess, yeah, I was targeting him. It's not going to change the way I play.
"Other teams are going to turn the tape on and not many receivers are going to want to take that hit," Gideon said of his physical play. "Like I said, I don't know what targeting is. I guess I'd be paying a fine if I was in the NFL today. I don't know if scholarship checks would be able to handle that right now."

This is about where Mack Brown stops to note, "A lot of times the best teams have the most penalties," but ssshhh, Coach. Let's just bask in the quote here, treasure its GRR KILL KILL sensibilities without thinking about whether it actually makes sense.