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Bruce Pearl's 'Inappropriate Conduct': Visits With Junior Recruits

Bruce Pearl's "inappropriate conduct" with recruits apparently involved two high-school juniors, Aaron Craft and Josh Selby, visiting his home in 2008, a year before they would normally be allowed to visit with prospective coaches off-campus. SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk breaks down the implications:

Parrish goes on to report that Pearl lied to NCAA assistant director of enforcement Kristen Matha when asked about the in-home event.  Parrish's sources say the NCAA already had photographic evidence of Pearl and Craft inside his home at the time, which, if true, means Pearl was busted right away and not found out later.

These allegations fall in line with the "inappropriate contact" theme we've heard for the last several days, and this certainly sheds some light on the timetable in terms of Pearl's truthfulness with the NCAA.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for further updates, and to SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk.