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Florida's Chris Rainey Arrested For Stalking After Texting 'Time To Die' To Woman

Florida wide receiver (or running back or "x-factor" or whatever he is, exactly) Chris Rainey was arrested early Tuesday morning for aggravated stalking. The arrest stems from a threatening text message he sent to a woman, which read "time to die." More from

Gainesville police said the incident began when the woman fell asleep and missed a call from Rainey.

Officer Jesse Bostick said Rainey went to the woman's home, and she talked to him for about 10 minutes and then told him to leave. According to Bostick, Rainey sent a text to the woman that said: "Time to die." The woman called police after receiving the text.

Bostick said that when he arrived at the woman's home he told the woman to call Rainey so that he could talk to him.

The woman said that when she told Rainey that police wanted to speak to him, Rainey's response was, "Wait and see what happens when they leave."

Shortly thereafter, Rainey was taken into custody, and admitted sending the text message. Not like he needed to seeing as, you know, the text message itself is pretty substantial evidence.

There's no word from the university or athletic department on what, if any, punishment Rainey will face. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for updates.