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Spartak Moscow Fans Hack The Kremlin

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Next up in our continuing series on the general supremacy of Russian soccer fans, particularly those found in and around Moscow, we tremblingly present this:


That's the official Kremlin Twitter feed, hacked by Spartak Moscow fans after a Champions League win over Marseille. Translation: "Spartak beat Marseille, Cesar Azpilicueta played brilliantly."  Azpilicueta, you'll recall, is the player who scored the own goal for Marseille.

This kind of thing is a sober reminder of our innate lassitude as American sports fans, and falls squarely at the intersection of HOW DID WE NOT THINK OF THIS and SOMEBODY IS SO, SO DEAD. Once again, Moscow, we raise our glasses, then quickly lower them to avoid having them seized and used to beat us with.

HT: Vadimivich.