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Cincinnati Vs. NC State: Zach Collaros And His Dancin' Feet

SB Nation's brand-new Cincinnati blog, Down The Drive, breaks down areas of concern for Thursday night's road trip to North Carolina State:

Zach Collaros running the Football. One of the first things that I have noticed watching the offense this year is that Collaros is very committed to standing in the pocket and trying to make plays that way. He has been urged by Butch Jones and Mike Bajakian to commit to the pocket, go through his progressions and make the throws. But that hasn't been working at all to date. Collaros's numbers to date aren't terrible, 349 yards, 60 per cent completions, 3 TD's, no INT's, but they are a far cry from his four game starting stint last year when he doused Louisville, Syracuse, UConn and WVU in gas and tossed a lit match. NC State is a very stout run defense, they are third in the ACC in the category, so the staples of this offense, the inside and outside zone are unlikely to work very much. I would expect to see a lot of zone read and speed option tonight. The pack struggled with a running QB last week when Jeff Godfrey came off the UCF bench in the third quarter to post around 50 yards rushing and two scores.