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North Carolina State Vs. Cincinnati: Rootability Score

The Rootability Index determines who to root for based on the kind of arbitrary crap most non-invested viewers use to pull for a team. Tonight’s matchup: Cincinnati at NC State.

Cincinnati at NC State, 7:30 p.m. Cincinnati debuts their new-look selves for their first game of the 2010 season. Should be exciting! And is in no way the second game of the year after a crushing 28-14 opening loss to Fresno State, since losses to teams coached by men with mustaches don’t count! The coming exhibition with Pitt will be played under the same rules, so take note and adjust your Big East standings accordingly. NC State is coming off a bizarre 28-21 victory over UCF in Orlando where quarterback Russell Wilson, presumably playing with a horde of fruit bats attacking him, went 10/30 for 105 yards and one TD and still won thanks to five UCF turnovers and Tom O’Brien’s secret third down play, “the butt-obvious draw.”

Lean: Cincy, but only because unlike Russell Wilson on NC State, Cincy qb Zach Collaros’s pointless scrambling may make something interesting happen. (Not necessarily “good” something, but still “something.”