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Auburn Vs. Clemson: Bizarre Illegal Snap Penalty Helps End Brutal Game

After a brutal series in overtime, at the end of a bruising game that saw several players leave dazed or on stretchers, Clemson appeared to have bought itself another few moments to fight with a game-tying field goal. Then the flags came out.

Initially, it seemed like Auburn had jumped offsides, giving Clemson a new set of downs within the 10. Then, officials correctly ruled Clemson had committed an illegal snap on the made field goal: the Tigers' center picked the ball up off the ground before resetting and snapping it. The penalty nullified the result of the play.

On the second try, the snap was fine. But Clemson kicker Chandler Catanzaro pushed his kick wide left.

And Auburn, which scored 21 third-quarter points in rallying back from a 17-0 deficit in the first half, survived another night on the Plains with a 27-24 overtime win.

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