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Fantasy Baseball: Joe Mauer or Buster Posey?

When going through the 2010 Fantasy All-Stars at each position the other day, I stumbled upon the great season Giants catcher Buster Posey is having in his rookie season. I imagine Mauer and Brian McCann will be drafted ahead of Buster Posey, and Carlos Santana for that matter, but I am curious if Posey can outperform Mauer next season.

Let's take a look at their stats for 2010 to date:

Joe Mauer-.330-.405-.474, 9 HRs, 74 RBIs, 87 runs scored, 494 ABs

Buster Posey-.322-.367-.511, 14 HRs, 61 RBIs, 48 runs scored, 354 ABs

There is a large discrepancy in runs scored, but Posey more than makes up for it in the power department. Including Posey's AAA stats, Posey has 20 HRs, 93 RBIs, and 79 runs scored, which if duplicated in a full season at the major league level would push him to the tops of the catchers ranks.

Going into 2011 drafts, Mauer will be ranked as the top catcher for fantasy purposes, but Posey could outperform Mauer, while getting drafted much lower. Fantasy championships are won by drafting players who can outperform their draft position, and Posey could do just that in 2011.

Who would you rather have in 2011: Joe Mauer or Buster Posey?