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Oregon State Paints Practice Field Blue For Boise State Game

Never say that Mike Riley is not thorough with gameplanning. Thanks to "an anonymous donor," the practice field in Corvallis is being painted white first, then blue to prepare the Beavers for the unique conditions in Boise. 




(Via @LindsayRae19's Twitter feed.)  When Oregon State's players who up for class stained blue like great muscly smurfs this week, you'll know why, because we bet that paint comes off on everything and anything it touches. In fact, to go for that Braveheart/camouflage effect, they should spray the entire Oregon State team with the blue paint before they take the field so that they look a.) scary and b.) they blend in with the turf. Laugh now, but when Kellen Moore throws his eighth pick of the game to a defensive back he never saw, you'll have the equipment manager and anonymous donor to thank for it.


UPDATE: Building the Dam has video of the turf, and yeah: It is indeed a verified blue.