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Vince Young Expounds On The Virtues Of Foodstuffs

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You know, I'm a guy who likes to try new things. Just the other day, I took Exit 38A to work. Sure, it's not as close as Exit 37A, but you can still get there easy plus you get to drive past this really pretty Korean Baptist Church.

But I'm a little on the fence about this seafood thing. For a long time, I've been making do eating land-dwelling animals. A few years back, I gave flying creatures a whirl. Not my favorite, but I guess it works if you're in the mood for it.

So I'm not sure if I'm really ready try all-out SEAFOOD. I mean, that's a serious jump. I'm not crazy, am I? That's things that live in the water. I can't live in the water. That's scary. If only there were a prominent public figure who could settle this for me once and for all.

Seafood is great.less than a minute ago via MOTOBLUR


Well...uh, okay. Not sure if Vince Young is the first person I would go to for food suggestions. But he does have his own line of meat products. If he were trying to hustle me into buying some sausage, wouldn't he be saying that sausage is great? This sounds like a guy with an objective appreciation of food.

But seafood sounds so daunting. What does the seafood first-timer select? How does one go about dipping his toes into seafood-y waters?

Stuff Salmon is best.less than a minute ago via mobile web


That is more specific, thank you. Now, when I'm ordering my "stuff salmon" are there any particular preparation adjustments I should be aware of? Does it matter if "stuff salmon" is cooked medium?

So, like I said, I've never eaten seafood, but my curiosity was piqued enough that I did some reading up on it. It turns out that seafood dishes are generally more expensive than other entrees. In passing, I've noticed frozen seafood options at my local grocer. The most inexpensive of these is something known as a fish stick. Can you recommend this for a meal?

@kapadiac Haven't had fish stick n a long time.less than a minute ago via mobile web


That makes sense, I guess. A man of your gustatory refinement need not deign to feast on such lower grade fare.

Okay. I should be good to go from here. Thanks again, Vince Young.