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Jarvis Giles Leaves Crowded South Carolina Backfield

The early impact of South Carolina's freshman RB Marcus Lattimore appears to have forced another change to the Gamecocks' depth chart: backup Jarvis Giles is headed elsewhere, the team confirmed today. Giles had seen only two carries so far this year.

Giles just never had the impact many expected, for a variety of reasons. Size, knowledge of the offense and Marcus Lattimore's arrival were just some of those reasons.

No word on where Giles is headed right now, though the Tampa product could be headed back to the bay area for South Florida.

Giles, a four-star prospect who raised hopes of an effective running game among Gamecock fans, rushed for 277 yards and a touchdown on 52 carries last year, his freshman season. The discovery of that effective running game -- without Giles -- seems to have pushed him from the program.