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VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out In Stands At U.S. Open

The New York Post captured the moment better than I can: "You sure as #%&* don’t see this at Wimbledon!"

Surely, that is true. A fight broke out Thursday night in the stands at the U.S. Open. And there's video!

(Via Pat's Papers)

Details from The Post:

Rowdy US Open tennis hooligans — tennis hooligans? — got into a brawl in the upper deck of Arthur Ashe Stadium during a match between third-seeded Novak Djokovic of Serbia and unseeded Philipp Petzschner of Germany.

The fisticuffs began just after 9 p.m., when a female fan complained to a man in his early 20s about his repeated use of the f-word during the first set, a source said.

“He said, ’You’ve got a problem? Go ahead and hit me,’ and she slapped him across the face” the source said.

The guy returned the volley before another man jumped into the fray.