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Minor-League Promotion Of The Week: Tribute To Scrapple

As we reach the leftover ends of the minor-league season, it's appropriate that the Wilmington Blue Rocks of the Carolina League paid tribute on Thursday night to something which itself, is basically leftover ends. Scrapple is a regional "delicacy" - and I use the quotes somewhat advisedly - popular in the Mid-Atlantic states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, where the team is located.


But what is it, exactly? After the jump, we'll find out. Although those of a delicate disposition might want to skip to the next story.

Wikipedia informs us that scrapple is "a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices. The mush is formed into a semi-solid congealed loaf, and slices of the scrapple are then panfried before serving." It appears to originate with Dutch immigrants, keen to find a way to use the entire pig: "Everything but the oink" is potential scrapple material, including snouts, trotters and ... well, you get the picture.

While part of me feels slightly queasy at the concept, as a fan of haggis, I can hardly criticize - and if you knew what went into many brands of hot-dogs, scrapple would not seem so bad. Unfortunately, the team website is sparse on the details of what the evening involved, but from what I have found elsewhere, it seems that The Scrapple Olympics took place, and Mr. and Mrs. Scrapple were crowned. 

I have to say, it does pale a bit, compared to some of the other events the Blue Rocks have staged this season, such as Vice President Joe Biden tribute night, a Tiger Woods/Celebrity Fall From Grace Night and, my personal favorite, Insanely Large Afro Day. But hey, it's the end of the season, and it has been a long, hard grind - even for minor-league marketing gurus. 

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