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Matt Leinart Reportedly To Be Released By Cardinals

On Saturday, Adam Schefter is reporting that Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart has been told by the team that he will be released. He tweets:

Filed to ESPN: Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him today. Max Hall will be No. 2 QB.

There was plenty of talk that Cardinals were in talks with multiple teams to deal Leinart, but evidently there wasn't sufficient interest.

Within the context of the last few weeks, this move is not a huge surprise, but it's the latest development in an underwhelming career for Leinart, a college superstar who was drafted with the tenth overall pick by the Cardinals in 2006. Since then, he was bumped down the depth chart as a backup to Kurt Warner. Following Warner's retirement, the team elected to install Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback.

We'll see what sort of job Leinart can find after he's released -- if and when, indeed, he officially is. For more, check in with our Arizona Cardinals blog, Revenge of the Birds.