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Jacksonville State Stuns Football World, Upsets Ole Miss, 49-48

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Ole Miss opened up the second overtime against Jacksonville State with a 2-yard run from Enrique Davis. And then, Jacksonville State, an FCS team and massive underdog, pulled off a pair of improbable plays to deliver the biggest upset of the young 2010 season.

Down 48-41 in double overtime, Jacksonville State found itself in a fourth-and-long situation. After a few seconds of mad scrambling, quarterback Coty Blanchard flung the ball to Kevyn Cooper in the end zone, over 30 yards away. Cooper barely got one foot in bounds for the score.

And then, Jacksonville State coach Jack Crowe elected to go for it all, calling a two-point conversion that paid off. And all of a sudden, Jacksonville State, ranked No. 17 in FCS, has pulled off a major upset of a storied football school, and in dramatic fashion.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on this game. Wow.

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