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Dwight Howard Not Given Permission To Speak To Teams, Magic CEO Says

Late Friday night, Dwight Howard was reportedly given permission to speak to three different teams about a trade. The news came from Howard's agent, who also said the New Jersey Nets were one of those teams. The report was logical and made plenty of sense: most expected Howard to be dealt at some point, and this would be another step in the process.

Except the report wasn't true, if Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins is to be believed. Martins told Sam Amick no such permission was given, and we're back to square one.

Story to come on, but Orlando CEO Alex Martins disputes the claim of Dwight Howard's agent that permission was given to talk to teams

And this is where we all dance around with our pants on our head. Nobody knows what's going on, a general manager and agent are fighting in the media, and Howard is still hanging out in limbo. Yet somehow, this still looks better than the Chris Paul debacle, so that's a plus.

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