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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Lakers In The Mix After Dropping Chris Paul Deal

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The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be out of the Chris Paul sweepstakes after pulling Lamar Odom out of the deal to reportedly send him to Dallas. But the Lakers may not be done, and instead seem to focusing their efforts on Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. On Saturday, Howard requested a trade, with the New Jersey Nets reportedly at the top of his list. But the Lakers may be in the mix, as well.

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, the belief is the Lakers are making a run at Howard.

Says one Western Conference executive: "The Lakers are shifting toward trying to make a Dwight Howard deal."

Mark Stein echoes Wojnarowski's report, as well.

Lakers have clearly made decision to focus on trying to acquire Dwight Howard. Lining up rest of their assets to duel New Jersey for DH12

The belief is that the trade exception created by sending Odom to Dallas would allow the Lakers to take on Hedo Turkoglu from the Magic in a potential deal. But John Hollinger slams the brakes on that train of thought with the quickness.

Any exception created by dealing Odom isn't big enough to take in Turkoglu. I'm not seeing LA's endgame here, nor why Dallas would help.

Something is missing in this process and nobody is quite sure what. It's not as if the reported Odom deal is the endgame for the Lakers, but it's also unclear how it works as a step towards acquiring Howard.

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