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Mavericks' Pick In Lamar Odom Trade With Lakers Heavily Protected

Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News reports (via Rob Mahoney) that the first-round pick that the Dallas Mavericks included in the Lamar Odom trade may not be sent to the L.A. Lakers until 2017.

The Lakers sent Odom, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, to Dallas in exchange for an $8.9 million traded player exception and that pick, which was originally reported to be a 2012 selection. It could be, or the Mavericks could elect to instead trade it in any of the next six seasons. It's also protected in the top 20, though Dallas hasn't picked that high in years.

The long potential lead time on the pick is likely to make it a far less desirable asset in further Lakers trades. The Lakers struck out on Chris Paul, but are said to be focused on Dwight Howard now. Odom had been included in the CP3 trade that NBA commissioner David Stern rejected on Thursday.

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