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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Blazers' Gerald Wallace Added To Blockbuster Talks Between Magic, Nets

Dwight Howard trade rumors have not been quite as rampant as the issues circulating around moving Chris Paul, but the Orlando Magic big man is certainly a hot commodity as the truncated training camps mosey into full gear. The latest reports indicate that the Portland Trail Blazers have emerged as trade partners in what looks to be a four-team deal that would allow Howard to end up with the New Jersey Nets.

The Magic would reportedly receive Gerald Wallace from the Blazers and Brook Lopez from the Nets, among other pieces, in the latest deal as reported by ESPN's Marc Stein and Chad Ford.

The Magic would send the albatross contract of Hedo Turkoglu, along with Chris Duhon, to New Jersey while  receiving future draft consideration, according to the ESPN tandem, while Portland would receive multiple first round picks for their role in the trade.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller talked about the Nets' need for Howard now, as opposed to later, as they attempt to become a power in the East.

The Nets are in a pickle, considering that Deron Williams is months away from unrestricted free agency and the team as constructed is heading for a sub-.500 season. (The team went 7-18 after the All-Star Game.) The Nets have relatively little in the pipeline: Derrick Favors and the draft pick that became Enes Kanter were sent off for D-Will, and while a bad season would give the Nets a good pick in a great draft, selling Williams on, uh, John Henson or Perry Jones could be a quixotic effort. The Nets need to ensure that Williams re-signs; to ensure that Williams re-signs, the Nets need to get better now.

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