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Chris Paul Trade Piques Interest In A Few Games On Clippers' Schedule

A favorite pastime of NBA addicts when a major trade goes down is to check the teams' schedule to find intriguing match-ups. Chris Paul was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday, which provides just that opportunity.

CP3 will have three games against the Hornets this season, but just one in New Orleans. That game will be on March 22. It's currently listed as a League Pass and local TV game, but as that lands on a Thursday, you can expect TNT to pick it up for its early game on the usual double-header. The Hornets will visit the Clippers on March 26 and April 22, with both games already slated for broadcast on NBA TV.

The other set of games everyone will be waiting to see are those in which CP3 and the Clippers will face the L.A. Lakers, who thought they had a deal for Paul a week ago before NBA commissioner David Stern (who runs the league-owned Hornets) killed the deal. The Lakers and Clippers will actually meet twice in the preseason (Monday and Wednesday of next week) with both games slated for NBA TV. On the regular season docket, the teams will meet on January 14 (League Pass), January 25 (NBA TV, but likely to be upgraded to ESPN) and April 4 (ESPN).

Paul had originally requested a trade to the New York Knicks; the Clippers will face the 'Bockers just once, on April 25 (the penultimate day of the regular season) at Madison Square Garden. The game was already scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN.

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