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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Trying To Acquire Chauncey Billups, According To Report

Chauncey Billups' days in New York appear to be numbered, and it's only a matter of how, not if, he is removed from the Knicks' roster. If Billups is released via the amnesty clause, there is one key contender who is interested in his services: the Miami Heat. That's according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

Heat in a tough spot financially but sources say the team is hoping that if amnestied Billups will push to play in Miami.

The tricky thing is that the Heat are over the salary cap and have already signed Shane Battier, so they will not have much left to offer Billups. A team under the salary cap could also swoop in and take Billups, even though Billups has indicated no desire to play for a rebuilding team. If Miami could pull it off, Billups would certainly be an upgrade over the existing Heat point guards.

Billups currently has one year and $14.2 million left on his contract with the Knicks.

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