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Chris Paul Trade Falls Apart After Pressure From NBA Owners, According To Report

And with that, the circus surrounding the Chris Paul trade appears to be over. To recap: Paul was reportedly on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers in a blockbuster trade that also included the Houston Rockets. Pau Gasol was reportedly headed to the Rockets, Lamar Odom was New Orleans bound and multiple other players were also set to join the Hornets. And now, it's reportedly off.

The NBA was reportedly pressured by irate owners who were standing by watching the rich get richer almost immediately after the lockout ended. Compounding matters was the NBA's ownership of the Hornets, creating an all-around messy situation. And it all reached a boiling point on Thursday night.

Now, Adrian Wojnarowski says the NBA has caved and everything has fallen apart.

The NBA has caved to pressure from owners that the appearance of this deal, on heels of lockout, had to be stopped, sources tell Y! Sports.

No word on what comes next, but CP3 just tweeted "WoW." Whether he's still dealt, perhaps to a destination other than the Lakers is unknown, but this one is going to take a while to sort out.

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