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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Reportedly Asking For Trade To Nets

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Dwight Howard will ask the Orlando Magic to trade him to the New Jersey Nets, who have re-emerged as the top suitor for the All-NBA center, reports ESPN's Chris Broussard. He reports that the Nets continue to offer Brook Lopez and two first-round picks, but didn't indicate whether the Magic had become more willing to listen to offers.

The re-emergence of the Howard rumors come as the L.A. Lakers' trade for Chris Paul was vetoed by NBA commissioner David Stern. The Lakers were expected to target Howard in addition to Paul, and could push for the center with renewed vigor now that it appears CP3 won't be put on the table any time soon.

Howard can become a free agent in July and has indicated fairly openly that he will at least consider signing with a team in New York or Los Angeles. The Nets are scheduled to move to Brooklyn ahead of the 2012-13 season.

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